218 Beautiful Exotic Baby Names With Meanings | Peanut (2024)

The term ‘exotic’ is pretty subjective.

‘Exotic’ literally means “from another country,” so what’s exotic to one person or one culture may not be exotic to another.

But ‘exotic’ has another meaning: “different and unusual,” so if you’re looking for exotic names for your little peanut, you’re bound to find one you like in our list of 218 exotic baby names.

A side note on cultural appropriation: If you’re keen to use a name from a culture that doesn’t reflect your identity or heritage.

Cultural appropriation can be damaging to many groups of people, so if you’re unsure whether choosing an ‘exotic’ name is cultural appropriation, you can always reach out to someone from that cultural group to learn more and ask them how they feel about it.

In this article: 📝

  • What’s the world’s rarest name?
  • What are some cool unusual names?
  • What are some mystical names?
  • What are exotic female names?
  • What are exotic names for boys?
  • Exotic gender-neutral names

What’s the world’s rarest name?

By definition, exotic names are pretty rare, depending on where they’re from, so it’s hard to find the ‘rarest’ of them all.

Challenge accepted!

We’ve crossed oceans and continents to curate a starting point for your rare baby name quest.

These are divided, but as always, we encourage you to follow your instincts and pick the exotic name that suits your baby best.

The rarest girl names

Here are a few of the most unique exotic girl names:

  1. Bastina: A rare exotic name with dual meanings – in France, Bastina is the feminine version of the name Sebastian, meaning “revered”. In Egypt, Bast (or Bastet) was the goddess of the sun and fertility, pictured with the head of a cat.
  2. Chiara: (kee-ah-rah) The Italian version of the English name Claire, Chiara means “bright” or “famous”. A name that you probably won’t come across in the playground!
  3. Freyde: (fray-duh) Meaning “joy” in Yiddish – we don’t know why this name is so rare, it’s one of the sweetest, exotic girl names.
  4. Jhazala: (jah-zah-lah) A very rare Indian name meaning “gazelle”, Jhazala is perfect for the baby girl who you know will be graceful. Jazz is a sweet nickname.
  5. Pragtige: (pra-h-tih-huh) One of the most exotic names, meaning “beautiful” in Afrikaans.

The rarest boy names

And some unique exotic boy’s names:

  1. Ádomás: One of the more unusual exotic boy names meaning “pledge” in Hungarian. Can be shortened to Adam.
  2. Cathal: (cah-tahl) An exotic-sounding Irish name that’s not as common as it once was, Cathal means “ruler of the battle”.
  3. Firdaus: (fihr-da-oos) A heavenly, unique name for boys meaning “paradise” in Arabic and Urdu.
  4. Tafari: For an exotic name with some history, how about Tafari, meaning “he who inspires awe” in Amharic? Tafari was also the last Emperor of Ethiopia.
  5. Vancho: An exotic name that’s evolved from the English name John, Vancho means “God is gracious” in Macedonian.

What are some cool unusual names?

A cool baby name isn’t just about standing out on the roll call.

You want your baby to be able to handle anything that comes their way, and often a strong, fierce name is a great way to set them on the right path.

Here are some of our favorite badass exotic names with an added dash of cool 😎:

  1. Alessandro: One of our favorite exotic boy names meaning “defender” in Italian. 🛡️
  2. Dante: (dahn-tay) Another badass Italian boy’s name, meaning “enduring”, to give your little peanut the strength to ‘keep calm and carry on’.
  3. Evander: A boy’s name meaning “good of man” in Greek and “warrior of the bow” in Old Norse and Scottish.
  4. Guillermo: A Spanish boy’s name meaning “determined protector” ‒ certainly a badass-sounding exotic name!
  5. Harolin: One of the most uncommon exotic names, Harolin means “army leader” in Spanish. Harry or Lin make lovely nicknames.
  6. Jabari: A lyrical Swahili name meaning “brave”, great for strong boys and girls.
  7. Kai: One of our favorite gender-neutral badass exotic names with a few different meanings. Kai means “triumphant music” in Chinese, “sea” in Hawai’ian, and “warrior” in Frisian, a pre-Germanic language in Europe.
  8. Limbani: This powerful name reminds your little peanut to always “be strong”. A Chewa name from Africa, Limbani can be used for boys and girls
  9. Lyra: One of the more popular exotic baby girl names from the constellation ‘Lyra’, derived from the Greek for “lyre of Orpheus”, the god of dreams. This is with our other badass names because the name Lyra is now synonymous with the rebellious and strong character, Lyra, from Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series of books.
  10. Marco: An Italian and Spanish name meaning “warlike”, a more exotic-sounding version of the Anglicised name Mark.
  11. Medora: A beautiful-but-badass exotic name for your baby girl, Medora means “ruler” in Greek. Dora is a sweet nickname.
  12. Nico: Looking for adorable but strong exotic boy names? How about Nico, with roots in German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, meaning “victory of the people”.
  13. Raul: One of the most popular Italian exotic boy names that’s been steadily climbing the charts since the late ‘90s, Raul comes from the Portuguese and Italian words for “wolf’s counsel”.
  14. Sasha: A gender-neutral name meaning “defender”, and also the one-time pseudonym of Beyoncé ‒ Sasha Fierce. It can’t get much more badass than that!
  15. Serilda: One of the more unusual exotic baby girl names, Serilda means “battle armor” in German. Rilda is a gorgeous nickname.
  16. Umberto: A powerful exotic boy’s name meaning “bright warrior” in Italian. Can be shortened to Bert or Berto.
  17. Valentina: A romantic girl’s name with roots all across Europe ‒ Germany, Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece… Valentina means “brave”, “strong”, and “healthy” ‒ what more could you want from a badass exotic baby name? Val or Tina make sweet nicknames. 💪
  18. Zubair: (zoo-bah-eer) An Arabic name meaning “powerful”, “strong”, and “wise”. Also a volcanic island in the Red Sea, for the baby who might have a bit of a temper!

What are some mystical names?

Mystical baby names conjure images of mystery and magic, perfectly paired with the uniqueness of exotic baby names.

If you’re after some enchanting and exotic baby names, here are some of our favorites:

  1. Altair: (ahl-tah-eer) An ethereal exotic boy’s name meaning “bird” in Arabic – Altair is also the brightest star in the constellation Aquila. ✨
  2. Amrita: A mystical Indian girl’s name meaning “immortality”. Can be shortened to Rita.
  3. Bacchus: (bah-kus) Mystical and mythical, Bacchus is an ancient Greek name meaning ”to shout”, and is also the name of the Greek god of festivity, wine, fertility, and theater. A unique name for your baby boy.
  4. Carminia: A beautiful Roman girl’s name meaning “poem” or “song”, and also one of the most well-known Roman priestesses. A different version of the name Carmen.
  5. Eydís: (eye-dis) A Norse name with an exotic meaning: “goddess of the island”. Perfect for a baby born by the sea. 🏝️
  6. Faustus: A Roman name that was originally a clan name, Faustus means “lucky” or “auspicious”, for the baby with a sparkling future ahead of them.
  7. Fūjin: The name of the Japanese spirit of the wind, for the baby who arrives in a whirlwind! 🌪️
  8. Ginevra: Fans of Harry Potter will recognize this as the full name of Ginny Weasley, the no-nonsense redhead and (spoiler alert) later wife of the titular hero. Ginevra is actually an Italian name meaning “white phantom”.
  9. Imani: One of the more popular exotic names in Africa, this beautiful unisex Swahili name meaning “faith”.
  10. Kamiko: A sweet Japanese girl’s name meaning “little goddess”. Kami or Miko are cute nicknames.
  11. Kidist: (kih-dihs) A gender-neutral Amharic name meaning “blessed” or “blessed by God”.
  12. Lazar: After the well-known Biblical story, Lazarus was the name of the man Jesus brought back from death. Lazar is a mystical boy’s name meaning “my God has helped”.
  13. Maya: A short, beautiful girl’s name with several meanings in different cultures: “dream” in Sanskrit, “water” in Hebrew, “supernatural power” in Hindu, “good mother” in Greek, and one of the seven daughters of Atlas in Greek mythology. Maya is also how to pronounce Maia – an alternative spelling.
  14. Malachi: (ma-la-kye) An exotic-sounding Hebrew boy’s name, Malachi means “my messenger”. Malachite is also a mystical green crystal, said to have transformative and protective powers.
  15. Mohan: A strong Indian boy’s name, Mohan means “bewitching”.
  16. Soraya: For the baby born on a starry night, Soraya is a Persian name referring to the Pleiades constellation, which is visible from Earth. A lovely celestial name if you can see this beautiful constellation when your baby comes into the world.
  17. Suijin: (soo-jin or see-jin) Another mythological spirit in Japanese culture, Suijin is a water spirit, guardian of fisherman and lakes. Perfect if your baby boy comes from a line of fishermen. 🎣
  18. Sunniva: One of the most exotic names ‒ if your baby’s born in the middle of a sunny, summer day, Sunniva is the perfect name, meaning “gift from the Sun”. 🌞
  19. Valdis: A slightly gothic girl’s name, the Valdis name meaning is “goddess” or “goddess of the dead” in Old Norse. Val is a sweet nickname.

What are exotic female names?

If you’re based in the US, but had ancestors from across the ocean, exotic names for girls can be a lovely way to celebrate your heritage.

No matter if you once called Italy, Japan, or the Caribbean home, having a name true to your culture can sound ‘exotic’ to English-speaking cultures.

We say embrace it.

So here are 94 exotic girl names to inspire:

  1. Aaliyah: A beautiful Arabic girl’s name meaning “exalted one”. Wondering if people won’t know how to pronounce Aaliyah? Try the simpler spelling, Alia.
  2. Adelita: An exotic Spanish name meaning “noble”. Lita is a lovely nickname.
  3. Adina: (ah-deen-ah) A sweet Hebrew girl’s name meaning “delicate”. Can be shortened to Dina.
  4. Alba: Looking for exotic girl names with lots of meaning? In Spanish, Alba means “dawn”, in Latin, it means “white”, and in Scottish Gaelic, it means “Scotland”. Perfect if you have a light-haired baby born as the sun rises, and you’re keen to honor your Scottish heritage – three in one!
  5. Alina: Alina is a Slavic name meaning “bright” or “beautiful”. Lina makes a cute exotic nickname.
  6. Allegra: After some exotic baby names that are a little more musical? Allegra means “cheerful” in Italian, and allegro is a musical term meaning “lively tempo”.
  7. Altagracia: For families with Spanish heritage is Altagracia, meaning “high grace”. Altagracia is also a patron saint in the Dominican Republic.
  8. Amara: A short-but-sweet exotic Sanskrit name meaning “grace”, “immortal” in Igbo, or “peaceful” in Mongolian.
  9. Amaranta: One of the most popular floral exotic girl names, meaning “flower” in Spanish and Italian. 🌺
  10. Amaya: Another exotic girl name with a few different meanings. Amaya means “the end” in Japan, and “mother city” in Spain. Amaia is an alternative spelling.
  11. Anisa: An Arabic exotic girl name meaning “friend”.
  12. Arianna: A Greek name meaning “most holy” or “chaste”, also the name of Greek entrepreneur and founder of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington.
  13. Azora: Looking for exotic baby girl names meaning “blue”? For the baby born with the bluest eyes, Azora is a Spanish exotic name meaning “blue as the sky”.
  14. Braulia: An uncommon exotic name meaning “bright” or “radiant” in Spanish. Lia is a lovely nickname.
  15. Calithea or Kallithea: One of the more popular exotic names in the 1920s, Calithea means “beautiful” in Greek. Can be shortened to Thea.
  16. Carina: A Latin name meaning “beloved”, also a starry constellation easily visible from Greece. 🌌
  17. Catira: A Spanish-Caribbean name meaning “blonde”. For the baby born with a flash of bright blonde hair.
  18. Chantal: A French exotic name meaning “stone”. Looking for the Chantal pronunciation? Shahn-tahl.
  19. Corazon: One of the most classic exotic names, for the baby who holds your heart, Corazon is Spanish for “heart”. 💕
  20. Cordula: A unique exotic name from Germany, also meaning “heart”.
  21. Dita: An exotic name meaning “fortune” or “riches” in Czech, German, and Latvian.
  22. Dubraska: Looking for an exotic name that’s a little different? Dubraska means “oak grove” in Spanish.
  23. Elandra: A lilting Aboriginal girl’s name with an exotic meaning: “home by the sea”.
  24. Elena: For the ray of light in your life, Elena is an exotic girl name meaning “bright” or “torch”, with roots in Greek, Spanish, German, and Italian languages. 🗽
  25. Elitsa: (eh-leet-sah) A cute exotic name meaning “little fir tree” in Bulgarian.
  26. Elqenna: (ehl-ken-nah) A pretty exotic girl name meaning “superior”. Can be shortened to Kenna or Qenna.
  27. Esmaria: For the baby with the greenest eyes, Esmaria is Spanish for “emerald”.
  28. Esperanza: A sweet Spanish exotic name meaning “hope”.
  29. Elvire: (ehl-veer) An exotic French name meaning “truth” or “all true”. If you’re after something with a more gothic vibe, how about Elvira, after the Mistress of the Dark?
  30. Exótica: The ultimate exotic baby name, meaning “exotic” in Spanish.
  31. Fanaka: An elegant name meaning “prosperous” in Swahili.
  32. Femi: One of the shorter exotic baby names on our list, Femi is a cute Yoruba name meaning “God loves me”.
  33. Fitria: One of the more unusual exotic girl names meaning “pure” or “natural” in Indonesia.
  34. Gaia: If your baby’s born under an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn), how about Gaia, meaning “goddess of the earth” in Ancient Greek?
  35. Gamela: Another of the more uncommon exotic baby names, Gamela means “she who is earnest” or “she who is honest” in Arabic.
  36. Gia: An exotic name, the shorter version of Italian names Gianna and Giovanna, meaning “gracious”. 🙏🏽
  37. Giada: Another exotic name for a baby girl with bright green eyes, Giada is an Italian name meaning “jade”.
  38. Giulia, Giulietta, Juliet, or Julietta: These are Italian and English versions of the same name, Julietta, meaning “young”.
  39. Godiva: A strong exotic girl name, Godiva means “gift from God”, and was also the name of the noblewoman who rode naked on a horse through 11th century Coventry, England, in protest of the taxes her husband was putting on the people of the town.
  40. Humiya: An exotic girl name with two meanings – in Japan, it means “history”, and in Arabic, it’s associated with the color red.
  41. Ianthea: (yan-thee-ah) One of the more unusual floral exotic girl names, meaning “violet flower” in Greek.
  42. Iara: (yah-rah) An Arabic name meaning either “water bearer” or “little butterfly”. 🦋
  43. Ifeoma: An exotic name of Igbo culture, meaning “first-born”.
  44. Ila: (eye-lah or ee-lah) Another exotic girl name with lots of meanings – “earth” or “speech” in Hindi, “island” in English, “friend” in Inuit, and “joy” in Hungarian.
  45. Ilona: A beautiful Finnish name meaning “joy”, and also the Hungarian queen of the fairies. 🧚🏽‍♀️
  46. Ime: (ee-may) A Nigerian girl’s name meaning “patience” – perfect if you’ve been waiting a while for your little peanut.
  47. Ines: A popular Spanish exotic name meaning “chaste” or “virtuous”.
  48. Ishani: For the baby you’ve always wanted, Ishani means “desire” in Sanskrit.
  49. Isi: A short girl’s name meaning “deer” in Chahta, the language of the Native American Choctaw people. Can also be a shorter version of Isobel and Isadora.
  50. Isla: (eye-lah) Another name with an exotic meaning, Isla is the Spanish word for “island”, perfect for a baby born by the sea. 🌊
  51. Iyabo: A Yoruba name meaning “like her mother”, for the baby who looks just like you! Can be shortened to Iya.
  52. Jocosa: A quirky Old English name meaning “playful” or “joyous”.
  53. Kaimana: Looking for exotic names to show your little peanut how precious they are? Kaimana is a beautifully exotic name meaning “diamond” in Hawai’i. 💎
  54. Kalina: For your little petal, Kalina is a Slavic word meaning “flower”. 🌻
  55. Kamalei: Another Hawai’ian exotic name meaning “close to my heart”.
  56. Kanani: A Polynesian exotic name meaning “beautiful one”. Can be shortened to Nani, in homage to the Disney film, Lilo & Stitch.
  57. Katya: Similar to the English name Katherine, meaning “pure”. The Katya pronunciation is “kaht-yah”.
  58. Keyara: A variation of the Italian name Chiara, meaning “bright”. Also means “co*ckatoo” in Aboriginal Australian.
  59. Kimeyah: A musical Native American exotic name meaning “singing throat”.
  60. Lalita: A pretty girl’s name meaning “playful”, popular in Indian culture.
  61. Layla: From the Hebrew word for “born at night”, perfect for the baby girl born under the moon. Can also be spelled Laela, Leila, or Lailah.
  62. Leilani: A Hawai’ian exotic name meaning “child of nobility” and “flowers from heaven”.
  63. Lilja: A uniquely exotic name from Iceland, meaning “lily”.
  64. Lilou: Name meaning “lily” in Catalan and French.
  65. Lucia: A popular Italian exotic name meaning “light”.
  66. Manaia: (mah-nye-ah) An uncommon Māori name referring to a mythological being that lives both among the physical and spirit worlds.
  67. Manara: A lilting Arabic name meaning “light”.
  68. Marisol: A beautiful Spanish name with an exotic meaning: “sea and sun” – “mar y sol”.
  69. Meital: An adorable exotic Hebrew name meaning “dewdrop”, perfect if it’s raining when your little peanut makes an appearance.
  70. Mila: A Slavic name meaning “gracious” or “dear”.
  71. Naida: For the baby born under a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces), meaning “water nymph” in Greek.
  72. Nandita: A beautiful exotic Indian name meaning “joy”, for the baby who brings a smile to your face.
  73. Nanea: Meaning “relax” or “peaceful”, a popular Hawai’ian girl’s name. 🧘‍♀️
  74. Nicte: (nik-teh) Another floral exotic girl name, Nicte is a Mayan name meaning ”flower”.
  75. Oriana: A dazzling exotic name meaning “gold” in Italian. For the baby born with golden hair.
  76. Parthena: An ancient Greek name meaning “pure”, Parthena is such a uniquely exotic baby name – you won’t see another in the playground!
  77. Rohesia: For the baby girl who you know will have her name in shining lights, Rohesia means “famous one”.
  78. Rosalba: A popular Italian girl’s name meaning “white rose](https://www.peanut-app.io/blog/baby-names-that-mean-rose)”.
  79. Roselani: For the baby girl whos a gift from heaven, Roselani is an exotic name meaning “heavenly rose” in Hawai’ian.
  80. Sabela: A Galician and Spanish girl’s name meaning “God is my oath”.
  81. Sadira: An elegant Persian girl’s name meaning “lotus tree”. 🪷
  82. Sarai: Not sure how to pronounce Sarai? Sahr-eye. For your little princess, Sarai is Hebrew for “princess”. 👑
  83. Shira: Another musical exotic name, meaning “singing” in Hebrew.
  84. Sigalit: A flowery Hebrew girl’s name meaning “violet”.
  85. Sofia: A gracefully exotic girl name meaning “wisdom” in various European countries.
  86. Solange: Ideal for a baby girl born to a spiritual family, Solange is a French name meaning “religious”, and is also the name of singer-songwriter and producer Solange Knowles, otherwise known as the sister of Beyoncé.
  87. Talia: For your little dewdrop, Talia means “dew from God” in Hebrew.
  88. Tamika: A Japanese exotic name meaning “child of the people”.
  89. Vincenza: (vin-chen-zah) A name that we haven’t seen for some time, Vincenza is an Italian name meaning “to conquer”.
  90. Yara: A sweet, short Persian name meaning “friend” or “helper”.
  91. Yente: A Yiddish baby girl name meaning “noble” or “royalty”.
  92. Yohana: The feminine version of the name Johan or John, meaning “God is gracious”.
  93. Zaliki: An exotic Egyptian girl name meaning “nobility” or “well-born”. Zali is a cute nickname.
  94. Ziva: A Hebrew girl’s name meaning “radiant” or “bright”.

What are exotic names for boys?

Looking for exotic baby boy names for your little peanut to stand out in a crowd?

Or how about a name to honor your heritage and keep your baby close to their roots no matter much they grow?

Have a look at this selection of 67 exotic boy names:

  1. Akio: A short exotic boy’s name meaning “bright man” in Japanese.
  2. Amir: One of the more popular exotic boy names, Amir means “prince” in Arabic.
  3. Anders: A name that’s common in Scandinavian countries, Anders means “manly”.
  4. Arjun: Arjun is an Indian name meaning “white” or “clear”, and is a variation of the name Arjuna, who was a well-known hero in Hindu culture.
  5. Asher: An exotic boy’s name that’s been rising in our baby name charts for some time, Asher is a Hebrew name meaning “he is happy” or “he is blessed”.
  6. Attikos or Atticus: A name with roots in Greek, meaning “from Attica”, a beautiful region near the central city of Athens.
  7. Axil: An exotic boy name with two meanings – “cheetah” in Indian Berber, and “father is peace” in Hebrew. 🐆
  8. Azaire: An Old French name meaning “God has helped”.
  9. Barış: A popular Turkish name meaning “rainfall”, ideal if your baby boy arrives on a rainy day.
  10. Beauden: (boh-den) One of the newer exotic baby boy names from New Zealand, meaning “beautiful”, from the word “beau”.
  11. Calisto: Another exotic name for a beautiful baby boy, Calisto means “most beautiful” in Spanish, and is also a species of butterfly found in the Caribbean.
  12. D’Artagnan: (dart-ang-yan) How about literary exotic boy names? D’Artagnan is a French boy’s name meaning “from Artagnan”, but made famous in Alexandre Dumas’ novel, The Three Musketeers. 🤺
  13. Ebrima: An exotic Gambian name meaning “father of many”, referring to God. Similar to the Hebrew name Ibrahim.
  14. Efrain: (eh-frah-een) The Spanish version of the Hebrew name Ephraim, meaning “bountiful” or “fruitful”.
  15. Elias: A popular Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is my God”.
  16. Elio: A bright exotic boy’s name meaning “sun” in Italian and Spanish. ☀️
  17. Émile: Another of the more popular exotic boy names, Émile is the masculine version of the name Emily, meaning “rival”. For the baby boy who’s a born fighter! 🥊
  18. Enzo: If your baby boy is born into a car-loving family, what better name than Enzo, after Enzo Ferrari? Enzo is an Italian name meaning “ruler of the home”.
  19. Fabio: Another Italian exotic name, Fabio is perfect for your little peanut, meaning “bean”.
  20. Felipe: (feh-leep-eh) Perfect for a family with horses, Felipe is a Spanish name meaning “friend of horses”. 🐎
  21. Florian: Looking for floral exotic boy names? Florian is a German name meaning “flower”.
  22. Francesco: A popular exotic name, Francesco means “French” in Italian.
  23. Girish: If your family likes to hike mountains, how about the Indian exotic name Girish, meaning “lord of the mountain”?
  24. Harith: A name after an old family job, Harith is Arabic for “plowman” or “farmer”. Can be shortened to Harry.
  25. Idris: A name that’s much more popular thanks to a certain Mr. Elba, Idris is an exotic boy’s name meaning “interpreter” in Hebrew, and “enthusiastic lord” in Welsh.
  26. Iokua: (yo-koo-ah) One of the more uncommon exotic boy’s names on the list, Iokua is a Hawai’ian name from the Hebrew name Joshua, meaning “God is salvation”.
  27. Isander: A Greek exotic name meaning “defender of men”.
  28. Jabir: For the baby boy who you know will be there to give you the best hugs, Jabir is an Arabic name meaning “he who comforts”.
  29. Javier: (ha-vee-ehr or kha-bee-ehr) A popular Spanish name meaning “new house”. Perfect if you’re moving house and having your baby boy at the same time ‒ you go, mama!
  30. Joaquin: (wah-keen) A Spanish variation on the Hebrew name Joachim, meaning “God will judge”, made famous by renowned actor Joaquin Phoenix.
  31. Kaio: Name meaning “cheerful” in Japanese.
  32. Kairo: Name meaning “one who is victorious”. Also a lovely way to honor Egyptian heritage.
  33. Kofi: One of the shorter exotic boy names, Kofi is a Ghanan name meaning “born on a Friday”.
  34. Kurō: A Japanese name traditionally given to the ninth son (!), meaning “nine” and “son”.
  35. Leif: (life or layf) A Scandinavian boy’s name meaning “heir”.
  36. Leon: Perfect if your baby boy arrived with a roar, Leon is an exotic boy name meaning “lion”.
  37. Luca: Calling all Disney fans! Luca was the name of the 2021 animated film featuring two sea ‘monsters’ as they explore the world, and Luca is an Italian name meaning “bringer of light” or “sacred wood”.
  38. Lucan: Another Italian name, similar to Luca. What does the name Lucan mean? It could mean “bringer of light”, but it also has roots in Irish, meaning “place of elms”, as well as relating to St Luke.
  39. Maleko: The Hawai’ian version of the English name Mark, meaning “of the god Mars” or “warring”.
  40. Malik: A water name for your baby boy, meaning “wave” in Greenland.
  41. Mateo or Matias: Spanish variations of the Hebrew name Matthew, meaning “gift from God”.
  42. Mathis: (mah-tis) The French version of the Spanish Matias, meaning “gift of God”.
  43. Mazin: Another name for a baby boy born on a rainy day, Mazin is an Arabic name meaning “rain clouds”.
  44. Mekhi: What does the name Mekhi mean? It’s a Hebrew name meaning “He who is like God”.
  45. Micah: An exotic Biblical name meaning “who is like the Lord”, from the English name Michael.
  46. Milan: An Eastern European name meaning “gracious” or “dear”, the masculine form of Mila.
  47. Murad: An Arabic exotic boy’s name meaning “wish” or “desire”.
  48. Ozias: Meaning “strength from God” in Hebrew.
  49. Rafael or Raphael: A Spanish version of the Hebrew name Refael, meaning “God heals”.
  50. Ramzan: An Egyptian name meaning “sun god”, for the ray of light in your life. Can be shortened to Zan.
  51. Rasmus: A Scandinavian name meaning “beloved”.
  52. Rasul: An Arabic name meaning “prophet” or “messenger”.
  53. Rocco: A strong exotic name from the Italian and Old German words meaning “rest” ‒ hopefully, this baby boy will be a good sleeper!
  54. Santiago: One of the more traditional exotic baby boy names, Santiago is a Spanish and Portuguese name referring to Saint James.
  55. Sulaiman: A lyrical exotic name, the Indonesian variation of Solomon, meaning “peace”.
  56. Tāne: (tah-nay) A strong Maori name meaning “man”, as well as the god of light and forests.
  57. Taranis: An exotic-sounding Celtic name meaning “thunder”, ideal for a baby boy born during a storm.
  58. Taro: The perfect name for your first-born baby boy, Taro means “big son” in Japanese.
  59. Tau: (tore) A South African exotic boy name meaning “lion”. 🦁
  60. Tómi: Another stormy baby boy name, from an Old Norse word meaning “thunder”.
  61. Varam: An old Georgian name meaning “victorious” as well as “we can” in Latvian.
  62. Xaloc: (scha-lok) One of the more modern exotic baby boy names, Xaloc is a Catalan name meaning “easterly wind” or “sirocco”. 🌬️
  63. Xavier: A classic, exotic boy name, another version of Javier, meaning “new house”.
  64. Yasin: If your baby boy has kept you waiting, how about this exotic boy’s name meaning “age” in old Turkish.
  65. Zane: One of the shorter exotic boy names, Zane means “God’s gracious gift” in Hebrew.
  66. Zelek: An unusual exotic boy’s name from the Aramaic word “to cleave”.
  67. Zenon: A powerful Greek boy’s name meaning “gift of Zeus”.

Exotic gender-neutral names

After a more unique unisex name?

We’ve curated the best gender-neutral exotic names this fascinating world has to offer

  1. Azael: While traditionally an exotic girl name, Azael can be used for boys and as a non-gender-specific name. Azael is a Spanish name meaning “hazel tree”, for the baby with beautiful brown eyes.
  2. Dakota: Made famous by American actress Dakota Fanning, this Native American unisex name means “friends”.
  3. Dechen: An exotic gender-neutral name meaning “happiness” in Tibetan culture.
  4. Deshal: A unisex exotic name from the Hindi word meaning “nation”.
  5. Dilshad: One of the strongest-sounding exotic baby names, Dilshad is an Urdu name meaning “happy heart”, and has been used for all genders for centuries.
  6. Eden: A classic Biblical moniker, this exotic name is perfect for boys, girls, and they-bies.
  7. Jothi: (joh-tee) An exotic Sri Lankan gender-neutral name meaning “light”.
  8. Kalei: A gender-neutral Hawai’ian name with two exotic meanings – “flowers” or “child”.
  9. Zaire: A poetic, exotic Bantu name meaning “river that swallows rivers”.
  10. Zuri: A sweet Swahili name meaning “beautiful”, for boys, girls, and they-bies.

If you want your little peanut to stand out with a unique name, exotic baby names can be a perfect choice.

Still not found the name that’s right for your baby?

Never fear, have a look at our other baby name guides.

And there’s always the Peanut community!

218 Beautiful Exotic Baby Names With Meanings | Peanut (2024)
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