65+ Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Announcement (2024)

Will you be welcoming a bouncing baby boy or a precious little girl into the world? Finding out the gender is half the fun—how you reveal it is the other half! From cupcakes with a secret pink or blue center to confetti-filled eggs or fun and messy paint parties, we’ve gathered some of the cutest, sweetest and most clever ways to make the big announcement. Whether you’re planning a party for family and friends or an intimate photo session for just the parents-to-be, you’re sure to be inspired by these gender reveal ideas.

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No matter which gender reveal you choose to use, you can always send out pregnancy announcements as well to let everyone know the baby’s on the way. Personalized baby announcement cards are great to keep your loved ones in the loop, especially if they can’t attend your gender reveal party in person. Customize your announcement cards with colors like pink and blue to clue everyone in on whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Match your baby announcements with one of the fun gender reveal ideas below!

1. Boy Or Girl Balloons

Invite family and friends to share in the excitement by throwing a fun and festive gender reveal party! Enlist a trusted pal to keep the gender a secret while planning for the big reveal. Fill a giant box with pink or blue balloons and have the parents-to-be open and reveal together. Be sure to snap photos of the exact moment the secret is spilled—these amazing moments captured on camera make great baby shower announcements, too.

Source: Snickerplum

2. Big Brother

Sometimes it’s cuter to have the little ones spill the beans about your baby’s gender. After all, it’s just as exciting for them! In this photo, a little boy holds a sign announcing that he’s the big brother. It also allows for a great memorable photo opportunity. Create a fun personalized banner that reveals the big secret and have your oldest child reveal it when everyone is gathered around. Your guests will love the big surprise, and your little one will love being at the center of it all!

3. Twin Cookies

Sometimes you have two genders to reveal! If you’re having twins and just found out you’ll have a girl and boy, incorporate the classic pink and blue into a seamless theme. These cookies are sure to impress and go great with a nautical party theme. You can also create a personalized plate to set the cookies out on that also includes pink and blue themes. Everyone will love the special touch!

Source: Shutterfly

4. Piñata Party

For a totally fun way to reveal a baby’s gender, fill a piñata with blue or pink confetti or candies and let the guests beat the secret out of it. The entire area will be showered with an explosion of pink or blue for a girl or boy.

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Announcement (8)

5. Spell It Out

Here is something you can do to share in gender reveal announcements to friends and family. This is an especially cute idea for parents who are gamers, readers or teachers. Scrabble letters spell out “It’s a boy” to create a cute shareable photo.

6. Bowties And Bows

Are your friends and family trying to predict your baby’s gender? When they arrive at your gender reveal party, have them take a blue bowtie if they think it’s a boy or a pink bow if they’re anticipating a girl. When the gender is revealed, you’ll have fun finding out who was right!

7. Cactus Boy

Do you and your spouse love the desert? Incorporate it into your gender reveal with cacti and colors that mimic the big desert sky. This fun backdrop is great decor and your guests can take home the plants as favors at the end of the celebration as well. Create a custom sticker to add to each plant pot that says your baby’s gender and family name as another special touch.

Source: Shutterfly

8. The Moment Of Surprise

Capture your excitement by snapping a photo of the actual moment you learn the big news. Remember, you can take as many photos as you’d like, but you only get one chance to capture the surprise of the gender, so make sure it’s a good one! Later, you can add the moment of surprise into pregnancy or birth announcements to let everyone know. Also consider printing your photos to send along with a card, which is a nice touch if you aren’t celebrating the reveal in person.

Source: Gabriel Li

9. In A Cloud Of Powder

Holi powder has been traditionally used for Holi, the Hindu celebration of spring, but now it’s also a popular way to reveal a new baby’s gender. The vibrant powder is available in either pink or blue for a girl or a boy. Plan an outdoor celebration for a fun display.

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Announcement (13)

Source: Unsplash

10. Just PAWsome

Dogs are family, too! Get your best furry friends in on the reveal by having them pose next to a wooden crate holding a pair of the new baby’s shoes. Keep the memory in a photo book or use it for your announcements and gender reveal invites.

Source: Vintage Pear

11. Splatterific Reveal

Gender reveal parties are a great way to get everyone involved with the thrill and excitement of finding out the big news about the gender of your child. Ask guests to dress in plain white t-shirts and, on the count of three, splatter non-toxic paint in either blue or pink to reveal to everyone at once whether they’ll be welcoming a baby boy or girl. If you want to create an even better photo op, you can also design custom hoodies that include your family name. The hoodies splattered with paint will make for an extra cute, matching photo!

12. A Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, when planning your gender reveal announcement photo, be sure to include elements that tell your story. This happy couple says they’ll soon be welcoming a baby girl with a bouquet of pink balloons and mama’s baby bump dressed in a pretty pink sweater. Share in your baby shower invitations for everyone to find out.

13. Box Of Blue

Traditionally, the color to use for a boy gender reveal is blue. You could hide blue balloons in a box and open it to reveal them all at once. Try to snap a picture right when the reveal happens for the ultimate surprise effect.

14. Sucker Surprise

Here’s a sweet way to reveal your new baby’s gender—hide pink or blue inside a lollipop. How many licks does it take to find out if your baby-to-be is a boy or a girl? Don’t forget to photograph the day to capture everyone’s surprised reactions.

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Announcement (18)

Source: Arden Prucha

15. He Or She?

What will baby be, a “he” or a “she”? Hershey’s chocolate bars perfectly lend themselves to a gender reveal because “he” and “she” are both parts of the name. Color in the correct gender with either a blue or pink marker to reveal the sweet surprise.

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Announcement (19)

Source: Pick Any Two

16. What Will It Bee?

Whether you are doing an intimate family reveal, or throwing a big gender reveal party, everyone will be buzzing about these adorable “What will it bee?” cookies. Gender neutral yellow and green decorations will never give your secret away until you’re ready to share. Pop the bee cookies on a custom plate that includes a small indication of what the gender will be. When all the cookies are gone, whoever notices the plate will be the first to know!

17. Sprinkle Surprise

This sweet treat combines decadent dessert with a fun gender reveal party game. Bake a batch of cupcakes with a secret pink or blue icing center. Top half with pink sprinkles and the other half with blue, then let party guests choose whether they think you’re welcoming a baby boy or little girl into the world. When they take a bite, you’ll know who was right! To better commemorate the occasion, you can design custom mason jar mugs and hand up milk to go with the cupcakes. Add your family name and the baby’s due date to create a unique party favor or kitchen accessory you’ll keep for years to come.

18. Lashes Or Staches

Looking for a fun theme for your gender reveal party? Check out this “Lashes or Staches” party. When guests arrive, have them choose a pin—lashes for girls or staches for boys—to show what their guess is.

19. Say It With Props

There are lots of fun options for revealing whether your baby is a boy or girl. Have some fun with the whole family using props, like mustaches for the boys and a pink bow in front of mom’s pregnant belly revealing the girl-to-be. Other ideas include custom yard signs that are hidden throughout the yard. Keep them a secret until it’s time for the gender reveal and call everyone’s attention to them when you’re ready!

20. Say It With Balloons

You’re not limited to just pink and blue when it comes to your gender reveal. Here, girly gold mylar balloons spell out the words “It’s a girl” while the family in the photo is dressed in shades of blue and pink.

21. Sweet Embrace

Here’s a sweet gender reveal photo idea that shows just how much the parents-to-be love each other and already love their baby on the way. Embracing a tiny pair of frilly shoes, this happy couple is expecting a new little girl. A photo op like this one would look best in a pregnancy announcement that includes your gender reveal – especially if you’re not planning on throwing a gender reveal party.

22. What’s In The Box?

Here’s a fun idea—let the whole family learn and reveal the new baby’s gender together! Have your photographer ready to shoot as you create some beautiful gender reveal photos that will last a lifetime and capture the exact moment you find out! This growing family learned they’d be welcoming a baby boy when they opened a box of blue iced cookies together.

23. Baby Boots

Have some fun with your gender reveal photos by wrapping a blue ribbon around mom’s baby bump to reveal a baby boy is on the way. Take it a step further and include the baby boy’s tiny boots in your photos.

24. A Play On The Classics

Can’t decide between a reveal with balloons in a box, confetti or a piñata spilling the secret of your baby’s sex? Combine them all with this fun gender reveal idea. Make sure someone has the camera ready to catch the parent’s surprised expressions.

25. A Baby Brother

Gender reveal photoshoots are probably so popular because they’re so much fun. When it comes to how you’ll visually tell the secret of your baby’s gender, the options are endless. For instance, this photo shows the parents and siblings outside with bikes and wagons—and a tiny baby bike decorated with a blue-for-boy balloon. Photo shoot ideas like this one will look great in a baby photo book. The earlier pages in the photo book can show photos of the pregnancy, including the gender reveal, and lead into cute new baby photos.

26. Team Blue

We know you’ll be happy whether it’s a boy or girl, but this family is definitely on Team Blue—they’re expecting a bouncing baby boy! They posed for a gender reveal photo wearing all blue and holding signs to show their support. For a photoshoot like this one, you can create DIY signs or create a more professional custom banner that the whole group can hold up.

Source: Sadie James

27. Get Creative With Color

Let your little one be part of the fun! This little girl gets to rock her pink, but blue footprints on mommy’s belly show off the new little brother that’s on the way.

28. Pause With Paws

Bring your furriest family member in on the fun with this charming gender reveal photograph. Just shoot a row of the family’s feet—and paws—with a tiny pair of baby boy shoes just waiting to be filled.

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Announcement (32)

Source: The Rodimels

29. Pop Goes The Secret

Gender reveal party ideas include handing out props, playing fun games, taking votes on the gender and baking delicious treats with the gender reveal baked right inside. Or, reveal the baby’s gender like this family did, with a giant confetti filled balloon that, once popped, showers guests with pink or blue confetti.

30. Baby Banner

With a solo gender reveal photo, the options are endless. Since it is just you or a loved one in front of the lens of a camera, try to capture the excitement of your gender reveal. You can take photos posing with props, like a “GIRL” banner. If you’re expecting the baby as a couple, create a vinyl banner so each of you can hold one side and show the camera what gender you’re expecting.

Source: Krystal Michelle Photo

31. Open To See

You’ll definitely want to serve treats and sweets at your gender reveal party, so why not make the cake part of the surprise? This adorable cake says, “He or she? Open to see!” and when the cake is cut, blue or pink inside will reveal the sex of the baby.

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Announcement (35)

Source: Cakes by Kat

32. Rubber Duckies

Rubber duckies with pink and blue hats top off these cupcakes with a surprise colored icing in the middle. They’re the perfect dessert for guests at a fun gender reveal party. Let family and friends pick the ducky they think matches the icing inside. Right or wrong, everyone will enjoy a sweet treat to celebrate. Or, this is a fun way to reveal you’re having twins!

33. Hidden Surprise

Nothing says a baby announcement like “bun in the oven.” And nothing says gender reveal party like gender reveal cupcakes! You can’t tell from the outside what sweet secret is hidden within. Bite into it to reveal pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Pair your beautiful cupcakes with custom mason jars full of milk! You can add your family name as well as the baby’s due date to create a unique memento.

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Announcement (37)

34. Pretty In Pink

It’s no secret this happy family is welcoming a baby girl into the world, as evidenced by their color-coordinated outfits to the pink balloons and the pink framed “It’s a girl” chalkboard.

35. A Home Run

If you’ve got a little baller on the way, here’s an adorable idea for his gender reveal! These parents-to-be paired their love of the sport with the love of their new baby boy in an adorable gender reveal photo that’s truly a home run.

36. Say It With A Sign

Sweet, simple and right to the point, this baby girl announcement photo says it all with a sign. Sunset lighting, the great outdoors and precious little pink striped socks announce that a beautiful baby girl is just over the horizon. With Shutterfly, you can create a beautiful garden sign to place anywhere and capture the perfect photo.

Source: Unsplash

37. Cute Booties

Get creative with your gender reveal announcement photos by incorporating cute props that hint at your little one’s gender. In this example, precious, sparkly, girly booties let everyone know she is expecting a little girl.

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Announcement (41)

Source: Oh Joy

38. Which Will It Be?

Will this adorable little boy have a kid sister or a little brother? Time will tell, but this photo would be a super cute teaser for your gender reveal party invitations. Hand out the appropriately colored lollipops at your party to keep with the theme.

39. Confetti Poppers

Boy or girl? Make your gender reveal party POP with blue or pink confetti poppers. Hand them out to all the guests and let the entire party pop them at once. Pink or blue confetti will rain down on the crowd, revealing if the baby is a boy or a girl.

40. Say It With Paint

If you’re good with a bow and arrow, this is a cool way to reveal if the baby will be a boy or a girl. Fill a balloon with either blue or pink paint and affix it to a white canvas. Boy or girl? Spill the secret by shooting the balloon with an arrow.

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Announcement (44)

Source: Sweet Miles

41. Team Pink

Take me out to the ballgame—for a gender reveal party! Have your cameras ready and batter up. When Dad hits this special baseball filled with blue or pink powder he’ll be surrounded with an explosion of color. Which team are you rooting for?

42. Four-Legged Family Reveal

Include your entire family in an adorable gender reveal photo that announces the new baby boy or girl’s arrival and celebrates your four-legged family, too. This fur-tastic photo can also be used as a baby shower invitation or inspiration for your baby shower theme.

43. Let’s Get Silly

Silly string is a fun and interactive way for you and your guests to share the big news. Simply cover the can so nobody knows if it’s blue or pink. Then, spray away! This is an especially fun activity for older siblings to be part of.

44. A Little Squirt

You can reveal whether the newest “little squirt” is going to be a boy or girl with a simple squirt of non-toxic paint from a squeeze bottle. Get the kids involved with this one because it’s going to get messy. What fun!

45. Beach Reveal

Take your gender reveal to the beach! The outdoors is a great place to do a balloon gender reveal box and the beach, with serene waves and a gorgeous sunset, lends itself perfectly to a photoshoot. Combine the two to create a lovely gender announcement photo.

46. Gender Reveal Cookies

Looking for a sweet way to announce the gender of your baby? Try your hand at baking some cookies with a pink or blue surprise inside. Guests will love learning your baby’s gender while enjoying a tasty treat.

47. Pink Confetti

Pink is the traditional color to use when revealing a baby girl to the world. You could wear pink clothing, hold pink balloons, tie a pink bow around your baby bump, or sprinkle pink glitter to make your exciting announcement.

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Announcement (51)

Source: Love Jookim

48. Announcement Photos

You don’t have to throw a gender reveal party to announce the sex of your new baby. A professional photoshoot says it all. These sweet pictures can be printed on gender announcement cards or shared over social media.

Source: Bit & Bauble

49. I’ll Fall For You

If your gender reveal happens to fall during the autumn months, make use of all the magic of the season in your announcement. Take a photo at the pumpkin patch, using warm autumn colors instead of the traditional blue and pink.

50. Bubble Gum

This is such a cute and fun idea! Blowing bubbles with your chewing gum is a very popular pose for gender reveal photographs. Pick blue gum for a boy and chew pink gum for a girl, then blow the biggest bubble you can. Print your photo in your baby photo book to remember it always.

51. Shoes And Balloons

This creative gender reveal idea uses a row of shoes with gender-specific coordinating balloons to share the secret. From left to right: Dad, Mom, Big Brother, Big Sister and—surprise—a brand new baby boy.

52. One, Two…Three!

When this growing family learned they’d be welcoming a third little one, they made the announcement with a gorgeous photo that family and friends are sure to cherish. In front of a gorgeous landscape, each little princess held a pink balloon. A third balloon tied to a chalkboard sign and adorable baby shoes awaiting tiny little feet announce the gender of their next bundle of joy.

53. They Were Framed

A simple blue frame and a tiny little mustache on a stick are all this mom and dad needed to tell everyone they were expecting a bouncing baby boy. With Shutterfly, you could also create a personalized selfie frame that includes hints of the baby’s gender. Photos like this are a great idea for mailing out gender announcements or sharing the news on social media.

54. Spray It, Don’t Say It

Here’s a fun way to say, “It’s a boy!” Mom and Dad are dressed in white and then hosed down with blue paint for a boy. This works equally well with pink for a girl! Hold up a print out of the ultrasound and it’ll be your first family photo.

55. Owl Will Be Revealed

Enlist the help of a trusted friend to reveal your baby’s gender in an adorable way that will surprise the whole family at once. For this growing family’s owl-themed gender reveal party, a friend crocheted an on-theme owl hat and diaper set and wrapped them in a mystery box adorned with question marks and blue and pink ribbon.

56. Gotta Hand It To You

Outdoor gender reveal ideas can be large in size and a fun time to get silly. This is a great chance to incorporate paint, glitter or silly string. Here, a child’s tiny blue handprint is an adorable and fun way to show the world a baby boy is on the way.

57. Cotton Candy

Looking for a new spin on sharing your baby’s gender? The perfectly pretty pink and blue pastel color of cotton candy is one sticky sweet way to spill your secret. If you’re looking to do a photoshoot for your gender reveal, dress in clothes that coordinate with your baby’s gender.

58. Bubble, Bubble

Throw a reveal party with your close family, but then create gender reveal announcements using photos from the party like this darling gender reveal photo. Mom and Dad got to have some fun blowing bubbles to celebrate the coming baby boy!

59. There’s Your Sign

If you are going for a pose with your significant other, holding a custom sign makes a great photo. But don’t stop there, invite your other children to join the fun. In this family gender reveal photo, chalkboard signs announce the arrival of a baby boy and the promotion of a little girl to “big sister.”

60. Pink Bicycle

The gender of your upcoming child is clearly the most important part of the gender revealing process. Incorporating pink into your photos—like this mom-to-be did with a little pink bicycle toy—is the traditional way to show you are having a girl.

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Announcement (64)

Source: Vintage Pear

61. Confetti Eggs

This fun gender reveal invites family and friends to join the fun! Fill empty pink and blue dyed eggshells with confetti that represents the gender of your baby-to-be. Let party guests pick the color egg they think matches the confetti inside, then toss, smash and crack them open to reveal what’s inside. This growing family is welcoming a baby girl!

62. Proud Big Brother

Get the littles in on the announcement by photographing new baby’s older sibling with a sign that reveals the gender. This cute little guy is proud to announce he’s going to be a big brother to a sweet baby girl.

63. Surprise Inside

A super cute gender reveal cake is the ultimate way to announce your baby’s gender at a party. Simply decorate the cake with blue and pink and all will be revealed when you cut into it as a blue or pink candy surprise spills out from inside.

64. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

…How we wonder what you are! Inspired by the beloved nursery rhyme, these parents-to-be opted for a fun outdoor box reveal. Nature is a great place to do a balloon and confetti gender reveal box. When posing for an outdoor photo shoot, use the elements to your advantage. Balloons or confetti in the wind look beautiful, as do sunshine and nature.

65+ Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Announcement (68)

Source: VandiFair

65. Pink Socks

Baby gender reveal ideas don’t have to be over-the-top to be perfectly adorable. These parents-to-be posed for a snapshot that simply said “we’re having a girl” when Dad showed off his pretty pink socks. Create fun personalized socks to make sure the photo looks exactly how you want it to.

66. Thumbs Up!

Somebody approves of the results from this classic balloons-in-a-box gender reveal. With a bouquet of blue balloons and parents looking on with pride, Big Brother’s “thumbs up” tells us he was hoping for a kid brother to play with.

67. It’s Raining Pink

When it comes to gender reveal party supplies or even props for a photoshoot, this is a fun time to get creative. A giant, glittery gold piñata bursts and oodles of pink confetti rain down. Be sure to snap a photo to capture the excitement of the reveal.

Finding out if your baby is a boy or girl is the perfect excuse to celebrate. Whether you’ll throw a full-blown party or share staged photographs to social media to spill the secret, the key to pulling off a perfect gender reveal is all in the details. Make your party pop and your gender reveal announcements shine by incorporating some of the fun ideas found here.

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