Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (2024)

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Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (1)


Rating: 5 stars


Delicious. Cut recipe in half.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (2)


Rating: 4 stars


This is old fashioned as some have said because of the cream of chicken soup but it's so good I don't care that it's not the healthiest version around. If you don't make it once a week who cares! You can use lean ground beef, low sodium cream of chicken soup and low fat cheddar cheese if you want but don't complain if it doesn't taste good! It should definitely be made with corn tortillas though otherwise it's mushy, it needs the corn tortillas to stand up to the sauce. I also add the sauce along with the ground beef to the inside of the tortillas. Just use a little less sauce on the bottom to make up for it.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (3)


Rating: 1 stars


These are burritos not enchiladas. Corn Tortillas are used to make enchiladas. Flour tortillas are used to make burritos. With that said, looks like a good recipe.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (4)


Rating: Unrated


then don't watch it. why do people look at recipes that they know they have no interest in making much less eating and then comment on them. I'm sure there are 1000's of recipe sites on the net that devote all their time in printing nothing but healthy - low fat - low sugar - no salt - no carb- non caloric recipes just so people like you don't have to read or look at these recipes.

Have a Happy healthy non clogging low blood pressure life.....Heck - we can't all live forever not enough Tofu.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (5)


Rating: Unrated


I completely agree with you.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (6)


Rating: Unrated


Hmmm.... your review of this recipe seems to be unnecessarily over-dramatic. And for the record, the ingredient list does not include mayo. Perhaps you are referring to another recipe that you also do not like.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (7)


Rating: 2 stars


2 stars as the recipe is written. These aren't really enchiladas in the true sense, more like wet burritos and definitely suited for a Gringo's mouth.I agree with another commenter, the tortillas need to be corn. I use 8" corn tortillas and cut the soup back by 1 can and into the meat mixtureadd a couple of minced serrano peppers (with seeds and ribs) for some bite. There is plenty of liquid to put on the very fiery Mexican rice I make to go along with these.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (8)


Rating: 5 stars


Love it, I have made it quite a few times and it gets better everytime I make it. There is never leftovers.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (9)


Rating: 1 stars


Enchiladas should be corn tortillas. Why use all that fat and sodium when true Enchiladas don't? These simply aren't enchiladas. More like beef burritos floating in gravy. Sorry. 👎🏼

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (10)


Rating: 2 stars


Glad to see this recipe is 11 years old. Who cooks /eats like this any more? Ground beef? Canned soup? Globs of mayo? My arteries are clogging and my blood pressure is rising just watching the video.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (11)


Rating: 5 stars


My husband is one of the pickiest eaters out there (though he will deny it) so anything he likes and is easy to make gets 5 stars from me! Great for a weeknight dinner. I have only made it once, but I will make it again. For recipes like this, I like to play around with the seasonings, so next time I may change it up a bit in that regard. Probably make it a bit more spicy.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (12)


Rating: 3 stars


but you said seam side down in recipe....... but in the picture it is seam side up why you no follow your own directions lol looks good making it tonight

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (13)


Rating: 1 stars


I was excited to try this recipe, as it seemed quick and easy (which it was). Unfortunately, the end result was awful, a thick globby mess with very little flavor. I guess I should have read the reviews more closely, as others seem to agree. I cook A LOT and love to try new recipes, but this one got tossed. My husband (who very rarely complains about what I make and if he doesn't like it, rarely tells me) agreed that this was not a keeper. Way too much sauce and way too little flavor. Yuck.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (14)


Rating: 1 stars


I thought this recipe would be a low-fat, healthier version of enchiladas. But it isn't. The sodium content is too high, and there is too much fat. My family recipe, made with fresh ingredients and corn tortillas, is actually much healthier. And the idea of making enchiladas with flour tortillas and cream of chicken soup? Disgusting. Real enchiladas aren't made with flour tortillas and canned soup.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (15)


Rating: Unrated


i used lean ground beef and had no problems with it being all too greasy. and i feel like if you used the corn tortillas, it would have given it a whole new taste, but not a good sorry you didnt like comparing other reviews, it seems like you are about the only one who didnt like it.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (16)


Rating: Unrated


Don't know where the salt could have come from other than the taco mix you used ....

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (17)


Rating: 5 stars



Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (18)


Rating: 1 stars


Salty and soggy, two thumbs down.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (19)


Rating: 1 stars


My family and I did not enjoy this. It was greasy and very heavy. My daughter called it "slimy" (probably because of the tortillas...they should have been corn). There was too much everything. Too much "soup", too much beef, proportions were too large. I can see how some people might like it (easy to whip up for big families who enjoy consuming a lot of salty, filler food), but it wasn't for us.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (20)


Rating: 3 stars


This is a good,quick recipe. I used corn tortillas instead of flour because I tend to like their consistency better in enchiladas. I also added some extra cheese wrapped inside the enchiladas as well. I do agree with some of the other, you can easily only make this with half of the soup/sour cream mixture. This recipe was a good twist on the traditional red sauce enchiladas. Will make again.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (21)


Rating: 5 stars


This recipe has great bones! I made some pretty substantial changes though. I used 1 lb of ground turkey, browned it with chili powder, cumin and oregano, salt, and pepper then added 1/2 pablano pepper, 1/2 hatch chili, 1/2 yellow bell pepper, one jalapeno, 1/4 onion, and 3 cloves of garlic that had first been put through the processor until chopped finely. After those cooked down I added 1 tsp of hot pepper sauce and 1 tbsp chili sauce. I used that mixture in the tortillas with a sprinkle of cheddar to hold it together. For the sauce I used 99% fat free cream of mushroom and cream of chicken and mixed with Greek yogurt (in place of sour cream). I added chopped black olives over the sauce mixture on the top and bottom. Added shredded cheddar on top and wallah! This was absolutely amazing!! I usually don't post reviews but had to share my changes. I try to add fresh veggies and peppers to everything I make and that definitely made this dish!!

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (22)


Rating: 5 stars


Have made this several times. It is aways tasty and satisfies my craving for Mexican food.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (23)


Rating: 5 stars


Love this recipe - great taste and super easy! I made it for my man, and he requests it all the time now! I actually lightened it up by making tweaks like using 99% fat free chicken of chicken, light sour cream, reduced fat cheddar, high fiber tortillas, use chicken or ground turkey etc. and we like them even better than before. Highly recommend.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (24)


Rating: 4 stars


These were very good. I did add extra seasonings. Will add it to our rotation.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (25)


Rating: 5 stars


This is a delicious and quick dinner. I did half of them with beef and the other half with chicken. I also had a side of yellow rice and chopped up tomatoes and lettuce to go with it.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (26)


Rating: 3 stars


As written, the recipe is ridiculously high in fat (55grams/serving and one serving is one enchilada). However, the amount of sauce can easily be reduced by half, taking out half of the fat from the sour cream and cream of chicken soup. I made a few changes: used salsa instead of canned chilies, made my own taco seasoning (2T chili powder, 1T cumin, 1tsp oregano), and made my own cream of chicken soup. The enchiladas were a big hit, but the sauce is overwhelming if you use the whole amount.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (27)


Rating: 3 stars


good recipe - easy to make and my husband enjoyed it.

Smothered Enchiladas Recipe (2024)
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